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CS.590 chainsaw

CS.590 Rear Handle Chainsaw


Built to tackle the toughest jobs on the park, farm or anywhere

The ECHO CS590 TIMBERWOLF is built to tackle the toughest jobs on the park, farm or anywhere. It’s durable for any workload from felling a tree to cutting firewood. The decompression valve makes start-up easy and the spring-style vibration system provides improved comfort for all-day operation..

  • Digitally controlled C.D.I for reliable starting in all weather conditions
  • G-FORCE Engine Air Pre-Cleaner increases engine life by spinning out dirt prior to filtration
  • Choke with automatic fast idle for reliable and easier starting
  • Side access chain tensioner for simple chain tensioning
  • Long stroke engine equivalent to 80cc class saw durability and torque
  • Separately located carburetor and air cleaner case for vibration free carburetion and improved maintenance efficiency
  • Aero dynamic air passage and dust discharge for cleaner intake air
  • Optional second bumper spike for additional support for tough cutting
  • Decompression valve for easier starting

Engine Displacement:59.8cc


Bar Length:20” (50cm)

Saw Chain Pitch:3/8”

Guide Bar Gauge:0.058”

Dry Weight:6.0kg