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Home Heating

Home Heating

Our showroom has a wide range of Metro, Masport, Tropicair, and Wagener fires on display as well as a selection of Mitsubishi Heat Pumps. You are welcome to come in for a look and to discuss your requirements with our heating experts.

We are more than happy to give you a free, no obligation quote. Our company specialise in offering a full installation service. This includes obtaining council consent, arranging installation and ensuring a Code Compliance certificate is obtained.


The rules have changed -

you can have a fire!!

With the introduction of the new Ultra Low Emission Burners (ULEB) you are now able to install a log fire into ANY property, ANYWHERE in Canterbury. These ultra efficient and ultra clean fires meet the strict ECAN air quality regulations. They are ideal for heating larger homes and there is even a wetback option available. Call in to talk about which ULEB is right for your property.

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A warm, dry and well ventilated home is vital for the health and well-being of those living within.

Kings Mowers and Heating are able to take care of all of you heating and home ventilation needs.

We specialise in the sale and installation of log fire and heat pumps and are suppliers of the Smoothair range of heat transfer and ventilation systems.


Log Burners

We stock a wide range of log fire suitable for all applications


Heat Pumps

The can arrange full installation of NZ's quietest Heat Pumps

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Home Ventilation

Ensue your home stays dry and health with a home ventilation system or a heat transfer system