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Home Ventilation and Heat Transfer Systems

Whether you want to reduce dangerous moisture in your home or move heat from one room to another we have a solution

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Dry-Matic Ventilation System

Is Condensation driving you up the wall?

Create a dry healthy home with Dry-Matic, installed into your attic space to provide continuous, filtered fresh air to your whole house, for as little as 10c per day*

  • ANTI CONDENSATION - The Dry-Matic forces out the stale moist air that causes problem condensation and damp conditions, replacing it with clean dry air.
  • ALLERGY RELIEF - Dry-Matic greatly reduces the concentration of airborne dust mites and allergens which may provide real relief to Asthma sufferers.
  • SOLAR HEAT - Roof and ceiling spaces are excellent passive collector of solar energy. This warm dry air is channelled back into the house as the Dry-Matic forces the warmed air into the cooler living spaces.
  • PROTECTS - Valuable furnishings, ceilings, windows and household contents from costly damage and eliminates damp bedding.
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC - Super quiet operation for 24 hour control with minimal disturbance.
  • SIMPLE - The modular system is designed for easy installation into new or existing homes.
  • FRESHER AIR - The positive pressure created by the Dry-Matic significantly reduces the concentrations of outgassing from new furniture and new house construction.
  • SECURE - Windows and exterior doors remain closed while the Dry-Matic circulates fresh, dry air around your whole house.
  • RECYCLES LOST HEAT - Warm air rising into the roof from home heating is recovered and recycled back into the house, resulting in much reduced heating costs.
  • POWERFUL - One Dry-Matic unit ventilates homes to a maximum of 275sqm (3000 sq. ft.) and provides even heat distribution from a single or multi vent supply.


Why the need to ventilate your home?


These days as we try to be more energy conscious we build for ourselves lighter, better insulated and sometimes quite unbreathable homes.

Normal family life generates considerable moisture from such activities as cooking: 3 litres per day, showers and baths: 1.5 litres per day, body respiration and perspiration 1-2 litres per day per person etc. (BRANZ). With this level of moisture generation combined with current tight home construction, relative humidity levels (airborne moisture) increase dramatically. This causes problem condensation and produces a home that ultimately becomes harder to heat and makes insulation less effective.


To provide a cost effective solution to condensation problems Smooth-Air have designed, developed and manufactured the Dry- Matic range in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

Dry-Matic Ventilation Systems are ideal for

  • Existing Homes
  • New Homes
  • Rental Accommodation


*The automatic controller provides Heat Recovery, Anti-condensation and Auxiliary Heat Modes based on Attic and House temperature relative to a comfort setpoint

Dry-Matic Selection

Call us to discuss which Dry-Matic System would be suitable for you.  You may need an on-site assessment of your home in order to select the most appropriate Dry-Matic System. 

Dry-Matic Installation

Installation by a fully trained installer typically takes 1-4 hours depending on property construction. We have a list of local installers.  A certificate of compliance will be provided.

Dry-Matic Maintenance and Running Cost

The Dry-Matic is very inexpensive to run. Running costs can be as little as 10c a day based on Model DM01D (approximately $36.50 a year depending on your electricity retailer). The special odour reducing carbon filters fitted as standard to each unit will require replacement approximately every 12 months depending on your home environment


          Heat Transfer Unit

Our heat transfer systems are made to the highest standards with high quality components, including European VENTS fans.

Use the excess capacity of your heat source to warm other rooms in your home. An average size lounge requires 2-4 kw of heating, yet heating appliances such as log burners and pellet fires* can generate 10-20kw. That's 5 times the amount of heat required for a lounge room. This leaves an excess of 8-16 kw of heat available to warm other rooms in your home. Air trapped at ceiling level can reach temperatures in excess of 30°C so, why not ...

Transfer that heat to where it's needed!

  • Improves energy efficiency.
  • Easily installed by a handy person.**
  • Thermostat or speed controllable.
  • Constant Air Movement reduces the risk of dampness.
  • Quiet powerful fan.
  • One, two, three or four room kits available.
  • Low power consumption (80 watt).***

Example of a three outlet heat transfer system